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10 Questions and Answers which will help you to qualify HR Round


Techrel India has shortlisted 10 most frequently asked questions in HR Interviews.

The following questions and answers will help you crack the interview round with ease.




Hello Sir/Ma'am,


Firstly, I would like to thank for giving me this golden opportunity to introduce myself.


I am Ashish , I am 23 years old. And My native is Pune.


Regarding my qualifications : I have completed my B-Tech Degree in Mechanical Engineering from College of Engineering Pune in 2018.


I am looking for an opportunity where I can utilize my skills that I have.


There are 5 members in my family including me. My father is an Army man and my Mother is homemaker. Younger brother is pursuing B.Com final year. And younger sister is in 4th standard.


My hobbies are watching movies, listening music, playing cricket.


The strength I have, I can work hard,I am Quick learner.


My negative defines me like I can easily trust people this sometimes hurts a lot.


My negative defines me like I can be easily trust on the people that sometimes hurts alot.


My aim in life is to become a successful person.


As a fresher, I have no work experience.






Good morning Sir/Madam.


It's my pleasure to introduce myself.


I am Isha, I am from Mumbai.


About my family: I have five members in my family. My father’s name is Mr Shreekanth, He is a Engineer. My mother’s name Mrs Sandhya, she is a homemaker. I have two siblings.


About my qualification.


I have completed my diploma in mechanical engineering from GIIT’s college Raipur.

My hobby is playing table tennis.


About my strength:


My strength I can adopt any type of environment.


About my goals:


My short-term goal is to get placed in a good and reputed company like your


My long-term goal is higher position in my job.


That's all about me.


Thanking you for this given opportunity.


2. Why do you want to join our company ?




I found that my skills are matching with your company's requirement. Your company is known for work culture which I liked very much. I always wanted to work in a reputed organization like yours, where I would get good platform to start my career and polish my skills and knowledge which will be helpful in my personal and professional growth.






It's dream for fresher to get placed in a reputed company like yours.

So, as I am a fresher I need a good platform to improve my skills and knowledge. To enhance my skills for the company growth. I am very curious to learn new things and I am quick learner too. If you can give an opportunity to work for the company, I would give my best to develop your company.


3.What are your strengths and weaknesses?




I am a very hard working person and I keep a positive attitude towards the work and my goals. Also,I understand the punctuality. Handling the work under pressure also keeps me motivated due to my positive attitude.




I am friendly person, I cant keep secrets ,I usually share my feelings and then people misuse it.





My main strength is my will power. I believe that if we have strong will power with hard work we can achieve our goals.


Punctuality: I will maintain time punctuality in office premises. .


Honesty: I'm straightforward it helps me more.




My main weakness is easily trusting other peoples. 

I can't say no when someone asks for help.


4.What motivates you the most?


Needs and desires motivate me to do a good job.


My father always motivates me because he works hard.


And he has sacrificed a lot for me and my family.




First of all my parents who are working selflessly for me for my good future secondly if passion becomes profession then there are automatically some vibes which keep you motivated.






My aim is to become a successful person in life that gives me a good social reputation and good life that motivates me the best.


5.What are your goals?


My short-term goal is to see myself in a managerial role with a direct reporting of the technical team.


My long-term goal is to be a Technical expert of my field and Lead a technical function or an organization in future.




My goal is to get a job in a reputed company like yours.


SAnd to hold a respectful position in the company so that my company and my parents feel proud of me.


6.If you won $50 million lottery, would you still work?




Fifty million is a great number, but still less to spend on the luxury but if I continue with my work with same dedication, I may get opportunity to earn more than that. That's why I would continue with my work to improve myself, rather than sitting ideally and spending the money. And because I have 50 million so I will use it for my parents and for social welfare.






Money is the basic need to live life peacefully.


I want to be a good software engineer, so I have to improve my skills. I should continue in your organization because I know that your organization is one of the leading company.


7.How much salary do you expect?


As I'm a fresher I don't know about the salary so I expect as I work and give my 100% for the company thank you.




In my line of work, I know I bring a very specific set of skills to the table. I would expect no less than a 100% hike


8.How long would you expect to work for us if hired?


As long as I can give my best to the organization. I'll give and as long as the organization needs me I'll be there for the organization.


If you hire me, I will work with you until I will feel that I am contributing to the growth of the organization and organization giving me value for the same.

9.What makes you angry?


Anger is a human nature. We can't avoid it.

I get angry when people lie.Also when people don’t keep their promises. .


10.What was the toughest decision you ever had to make?


Choosing B.Com after computer science. My parents forced me to study B.Com after computer science, especially my father because he is a B.Com graduate.




I got admission for BE(CIVIL) in my native place also I had opportunity in Nashik’s government college, I had to choose college private college because of my parents wish .


TechRel India wishes you best luck for your HR Interview , stay confident , stay focused .


Thank you,


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