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India’s knowledge economy is growing at a rapid pace and along with is growing the demand for quality talent. Organizations are looking for talent that can be readily deployed.


The onus of helping students keep pace with the dynamic industry environment lies with the Academia.  However, modification to academic curriculum and its implementation is traditionally a long process, resulting in students not aligned to the industry requirements. Inability to keep pace with the industry requirements can impact the institution’s placement record and hence reputation.


TechRel understands this challenge and works in partnership with colleges to help bridge this gap. TechRel sets up Training Hub in the college where we help the college in the complete cycle of assessment-training-placement. TechRel takes the responsibility of making students ready for the industry.

College Partnership

TechRel initiative rests heavily on the partnership model with the college where TechRel provides strategic inputs for making the talent industry-ready and college provides the necessary support to make the programs a success among students.


The college needs to provide a conducive environment for making this initiative succeed. This includes providing scheduled time for the sessions and accommodating TechRel programs schedule in the timetable.


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College program

PACES : Preparing Aptitude for Career Excellence & Success

TechRel is partnering with prominent colleges across India, to offer complete career solutions to college students, right from 2nd semester to 8th semester students. The students get an opportunity to enhance their deployment skills through the proven programs of TechRel. Effective learning in complex domains like IT, Telecom, Embedded systems is dependent on several factors like learning methodology, content design and development, trainer quality, consistent tracking and feedback along with a personal touch. TechRel owns the complete responsibility of delivery of the entire program.


The program design ensures that students effectively utilize their time and get prepared for the industry while pursuing their engineering. The program tracks growth on the following areas-


1. Career Excellence- Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Group discussion, Personal Interviews


2. Success Skills : Communication, Presentation, Self-Branding, Confidence, Grooming & Positive Attitude.




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