Corporate Programs

TechRel offers customized Technical and communication skills training and workshops for corporations and large organizations that are looking to:

1. Improve Technical skills of employees
2. Improve communication skills of employees
3. Enhance both internal and external customer service performance
4. Empower business relationships through enhanced interpersonal communication skills
5. Increase workplace productivity and retention

Today's workplace environment requires an enhanced set of workplace Technical and communication skills that reflect and include the dramatic changes that are taking place within corporations and organizations of all sizes. TechRel provides the context and the tools that every professional needs to succeed in a business world that is rapidly shifting to a relationship-based model of partnering and collaboration.

Our training programs identifies important workplace communication skills and train your employees, staff and team members to be able to use interpersonal communication skills that leverage subtle distinctions that make the difference between an ordinary employee and an exceptionally effective professional. These distinctions include:

Knowing how to work effectively in a global economy
Understanding clients' needs and outlook
Working to build trust and commitment
Using a strategic and collaborative process

The emphasis of this communication skills training will be in the following areas:

1. Verbal Communication (Includes both spoken and written forms)
2. Non-verbal communication – (Understanding Body Language)
3. Listening skills (Active, Passive and Reflective Listening)

TechRel offers following Technical programs for corporate –

1. Java
2. Dot Net
3. C
4. C++
5. VC++
7. J2ME
8. J2EE
9. XML
10. Unix
11. Linux
12. MS Windows
13. Solaris
14. Oracle
15. MS SQL Server
16. Sotware Testing

TechRel offers following personality development programs for corporate –

1. Communication Skills
2. Presentation Skills
3. Corporate Manners & Etiquette
4. E-mail Etiquettes
5. Telephone Etiquette
6. Time management
7. Stress Management
8. W.O.W.
9. Train The Trainer




Corporate Training


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