Modular Training Program

SQL Server Database

Course Duration

4 Weeks

SQL Server Database

• Cl ient /Ser ver Concept s and Architecture
• The MySQL Client Program in interactive and batch modes
• Connector/J, Connector/ODBC, Connector/NET
• Advanced Data Types including Bit and Binary
• Managing the Database
• Managing and Using Tables
• Managing and Using Indexes
• Retrieving and Aggregating Data
• Advanced SQL Expressions and Functions
• Further Insert, Update, Delete, Replace and Truncate Operations
• Importing and Exporting Data using SQL
• Import and Export from the Command Line
• Complex Joins and Subqueries
• Managing and Using Views
• User Variable Syntax and Properties
• Prepared Statements
• Stored Routine Definition
• Procedures and Functions
• Creating, Dropping and Altering Stored Routines
• Invoking Stored Routines
• Trigger Concepts
• Creating and Using Triggers
• Privileges for Stored Routines and Triggers
• Obtaining Database Metadata

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