Orientation: The first step in the selection process would involve extensive discussions with the representatives of Client. The orientation helps TechRel to understand the client and to be a true representative on their behalf.

Database: TechRel will shortlist candidates from its data bank & parallely use its network to identify suitable candidates from target industry

Meetings: The candidates short listed will be met by Consultants (both Technical and Functional) at TechRel, with the aim of determining a match with client's mandate.

Shortlist: At this stage TechRel will provide the Client with a shortlist of confirmed candidates who are found suitable for the assignment.

Interviews: TechRel will organize interviews for the short listed candidates with the client. This will be the first interaction of the candidates with the client.

Feedback: TechRel will receive feedback both from the Candidate and the Client on their respective meetings. This feedback will be the basis of the final shortlist.

Discussions: TechRel will help facilitate further discussions with candidates who are finally short listed and assist in co-ordination of multiple interviews if required.

Selection: Client will send a mail on the list of candidates selected.

Offer: A Mail on the CTC Offered to the selected candidate to be sent to TechRel by the client.


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